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Nested in lush exotic gardens, Janna Sur Mer is the ultimate Mediterranean Beach Resort, and it is ideal for the whole family. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this 5-star resort boasts 2 international restaurants, Jacuzzi bars, outdoor wedding venue and a beach Hotel. In short, Janna Sur Mer is a tropical-themed beach resort with 6 pools for you to enjoy and relax.

Our bungalows differentiate and distinguish themselves with their unique styles and built; an all wood design and a tropical design both with their private pools overlooking the sea.  Some bungalows prioritizes privacy. In General, our bungalow can host up to 3 family members (2 adults and a child).


Island with Pool &Exotic

Enjoy the fantastic refreshing relaxation of one of our all woods Bungalows. Located close to the Island Pool (infinity pool) and nested in the beautiful nature greenery of the Resort.
A spacious bedroom, a small saloon, a veranda and a private Pool for your personal relaxation during your stay at Janna Sur Mer. Enjoy the sea view and your private pool.


Island Bungalow

Low Season

Weekday: $250 / night
Weekend: $300 / night

High Season

Weekday: $300 /night
Weekend: $325/night

Camellia and Magnolia

They distinguish themselves in location and an all-wood design. Unlike other bungalows, they are separately positioned in a private sector with a large outdoor seating area and a decorative pool. You will enjoy our unique sea view while relaxing on your couch.

Low & High Season

Weekday: $200 / Night

Weekend: $250 /Night

Exotic Beach hotel at janna Lebanon

Awesome Bangalow at Janna Sur Mer hotel
Awesome Bungalow at Janna Sur Mer Hotel

7 Heaven

Perched on a hill in the middle of Janna Resorts, 7 Heaven Bungalow has a panoramic view of the Resort and the Mediterranean Sea. The bungalow comprises a living room, a salon, a walk- in closet, a bathroom, and a lovely and overlooking veranda. The bungalow is equipped with a Jacuzzi for your personal relaxation during your stay at Janna Sur Mer Beach resort.

It is truly heavenly.

Low Season

Weekday: $300/Night
Weekend: $350/Night


High Season

Weekday: $325/Night
Weekend: $375/Night

Janna Sur Mer Beach Resort and Hotel is located in Damour- Lebanon.
Janna Sur Mer Beach Resort and Hotel is located in Damour- Lebanon.






Best view from Janna Resorts' Bungalow



Royal Chalet

is the pride and joy of Janna Sur Mer Beach Resort & Hotel. It is the largest bungalow at and it comprises a spacious living room and a salon, kitchenette, and a royal bathroom. The Royal Chalet stand out due to its extreme privacy; having a private entrance and built far away from the crowd allowing you to enjoy your privacy and to relax. Also the chalet is located right on the sea and it is well equipped with a rotating bed and a never ending bathroom and for your own enjoyment an outdoor pool and a Jacuzzi.

Boutique Hotel Lebanon

Hotel Lebanon

Low Season

Weekday: $450/Night

Weekend: $500/Night


                     High Season

Weekday: $500/Night

Weekend: $550Night

The Beach Resort and Hotel is located within 10 minutes from Beirut International Airport by car.

All of our guest benefits from Free Wi-Fi, 24/7 Service, breakfast in bed, and access to the VIP pool (18+). In addition, after 5:00 p.m., we offer you 2 free entrances to your guest to enjoy the resort facilities. Please note that No FOOD OR DRINK ARE ALLOWED OUTSIDE THE RESORT.

The resort offers air-conditioned wooden bungalows (small villa)  with a balcony overlooking the sea. Guests at Janna Sur Mer can relax at their own private pool or on the sun terrace. Also our guest can swim in our gigantic pools which houses a VIP Pool and Jacuzzi bars. Janna also has a kid’s pool for children’s enjoyment.

Our resort houses 2 restaurants surrounded by tropical landscape which serve a variety of Lebanese and international cuisines. Janna also offer its clientele a 24 hour butler service.

Should you require any assistance or have any specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us at +9613 36 77 77 or

You can also check our website at  for more information.