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$16,950 for a Complete Wedding for 150 Guests

Premium Full Wedding Package Janna Sur Mer Beach Resort Pdf file

We offer an exquisite and rich International buffet menu and our renown Lebanese Meze which includes salad bars, a variety of homemade and exotic salads, exotic appetizers, international dishes and much, much more. Backed with 22 year of experience, Janna will organize you dream wedding by offering professional wedding services;Photo and Video, DJ and Professional sound system, table and Chairs, Flowers decorations, Hostesses, and Fireworks all for a bargain price of $16,950 More information please call me at 03 18 22 33, 03 36 7777 or 03 688 250.

        Lebanese Corner
Yalandji Dolma
Tagen with Fish
Crunchy Cheese Rikkakat
Assortment of Raw Kebbé
Cold Starters
Marinated Salmon
Marinated Shrimps
Caesar Salad
Italian Pasta
Mediterranean Salad
Exotic Crab Salad
Italian Live Hot Station
Tagliatelle Aux 4 fromages
Farfalle Pistou
Penne Arrabiata
Hot Station
Beef Skewers à l’orientale
Marinated Chicken with lemon and herbs
Skewered Kafta
Barbecue-Glazed Chicken Wings
Grilled Vegetables
Paella aux fruits de Mer
Olive Bread Selection of Baguettes
Brown Bread Roll – White Bread Roll Country Bread
Fruit Bar
$65 per Guest
Regular bar: including juices, soft drinks, beers, red bull, Perrier, Cocktails, Vodka, Arak Whisky, Red label, Johnny Walker, J&B, Wine Ksara ….
Other options for your consideration: Premium bar for $5 per guest.

Wedding Services Provided by Janna

Lighting and Dance Floor:
The island Venue is equipped with a gigantic lighting bridge measuring 9m.(w) x 9m. (l) x 6 m. (h) Bridge and holding 4 Moving led, 12 Moving beams, 10 Led par, 22 led projectors and one stroboscope and a lighted gigantic dance floor .
Welcome Station
Sage Station
Tropical Station Bar
Peanut Station
Other Amenities
20 Multi-Colored light fixtures
Mood Lighting: over 70 projectors lighting Janna Resorts
Decorative Chandeliers at the entrance
An experienced wedding DJ plays your favorite tune using a professional sound system consisting of 12 (15” speakers) and 4 sub-woofers.
A team of Hostesses
Bride Entrance: Accentuated with fireworks (8 volcanoes), the bride makes her spectacular entrance from the pool.
Special Seating for the Bride and Groom. (Coucha and Pergola).
One Free night at Janna Sur Mer Beach Resort and Hotel.
Flower Arrangements
Janna offer you a variety of flower decorative service. The Guests’ tables are decorated with beautiful and lush flowers centerpieces arrangements. Each arrangement will have 80 flowers. The entrance to the venue will be decorated with a flower arc to receive your guests in a gaiety of colors. Additional, we will decorate the Bride and the groom cars. The flower bouquets of the bride and of a bride-maid are offered.
Videos and Photos
Janna employs top photographers to capture your special moments. This package provides the following:
We will have a team of Photographers.
We will have a team of Videographers to film your wedding.
A Louma (includes additional operator and assistant).
We will be handed to you a Blue ray DVD of the whole wedding in a full HD format and 3 additional original Blue Ray DVDs.
We will present you with 200 pictures (13*18) printed pictures of your choice.
Janna will oversee and manage the video and photo shooting with the help of professional and reputed cameramen

Janna will add flare to your night: 3 fire falls will light up during the first dance and then the cake ceremony is accompanied by 20 shots (Tawous) and a variety of fireworks. In total, 222 small to medium shells and 12 large shells will illuminate the starry night in their wake. The fireworks show will be a carnival like.

The total cost for 150 guests comes at a special price $16,950
N.B: Please note that the Flowers Decoration and Arrangements, Video, and Fireworks are optional and you are not compelled to take it. It will be more suitable for you to choose other offers such as the 40$ per person for Catering and Table and chairs and the venue. Other services are at additional cost i.e. Light and sound and DJ.
We, at Janna Sur Mer, have solid and reputable experience (22 years) in planning outdoor wedding events. You can rest assured that we can provide you with magical and distinctive themes for your Exotic Wedding ceremony that exceed your imagination. We take pride in being able to make your dream wedding come true at a budget you can afford. With Janna Sur Mer, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your big day with your family and friends.

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Janna Resort & Hotel Details

Open and succulent International buffet is served in an exotic wedding venue which is surrounded by an infinity pool and an exotic garden. The succulent dishes are prepared by our top chefs.

Welcome Station includes a Sage Station, Tropical Station Bar, Peanut Station

Round Table and Napoleon chairs.

Gigantic Lighting and Dance Floor: 9m. (w) x 9m. (l) x 6 m. (h) Bridge with 4 Moving led and 8 Moving beams and 10 pars and a lighted gigantic dance floor.

DJ and Sound System: A professional wedding DJ plays your favorite tune on our professional sound system consisting of 12 (15” speakers) and 4 sub-woofers

Mood Lighting: We will use over 70 projectors to light, 40 decorative multicolored lights, and Chandeliers to add a special touch to your wedding.

Your guests are well served by our experienced servers.

Special Services provided are:Hostesses,Bride Entrance: Accentuated with fireworks (8 volcanoes), the bride makes her spectacular entrance from the pool, Special Seating for the Bride and Groom inclusing the Coucha and Pergola

The professional services provided are: Flower Arrangements, Videos and Photos and Fireworks

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