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 Janna Lebanese Seated Dinner

Janna Sur Mer Lebanese seated dinner includes a rich menu serving  over 40 dishes of the traditional Lebanese Meza prepared by only our finest chefs, in order to truly give you the once in a lifetime experience you deserve. Our staff has been trained and schooled to perfection in rapidity and etiquette.

The competitive prices have been set after a thorough study of the Lebanese resorts wedding packages in the area. The price is $52 per guest including open food and non-alcoholic drinks.

Janna can help you organize you dream wedding by offering professional services like Photo and Video, Flowers decorations, Zaffee, Hostesses, Fireworks, and etc.

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The rich Lebanese wedding menu is prepared by our top chefs and comprises of Salads, Raw Kibeh, Cold; Hot appetizers, Grilled Meat, Tawouk Kafta and finally Fruits.

Complimentary non-alcoholic drinks

Janna employs only experience waiters who will well serve you at your dream wedding

Janna can help you organize and plan your dream wedding by offering wedding services like Photo & Videos, Flower Decorations, Zafee, Fireworks....

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Janna Sur Mer's staff take pride in being able to make your dream wedding come true at a budget you can afford.

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