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Outdoor weddings are fabulous but present some unique challenges; a few simple tips will help brides make sure their special day is perfect, no matter what the weather.

Set in gardens, parks, or on beaches, outdoor weddings are incredibly romantic. They take advantage of all the natural beauty Mother Nature has on offer, but they can be a bit tricky to organise.

Here are a few tips for ensuring a sensational outdoor wedding:

  1. Pick the right time of year


Time of year is a vital consideration when planning your outdoor wedding. Summer weddings are popular, but make sure it’s early or late summer to avoid uncomfortable heat. Once you’ve set a date, monitor the weather. If it’s going exceptionally hot, provide fans. Too cool? Supply blankets.

  1. Make sure there’s shelter


Rain or shine, it’s imperative to have a shelter. A marquee works well, comes in all shapes and sizes, and can be dressed up with coloured lanterns or lights, flowers and candles. Depending on the size of your wedding, a few gazebos scattered around the property might be perfect. If you’re still worried, consider booking a venue that provides a shelter facing the outdoors.

  1. Make use of alternative lighting options


Hanging lanterns is a great way to light up pathways and give the outdoors a magical, fairy-tale feel. Take advantage of the trees and dress up their boughs with strings of lights. Torches are incredibly romantic, and serve the added purpose of keeping bugs away.

  1. Utilise painted wooden signs


Painted signs give a wedding that rustic feel, and can be informational or purely decorative. Big or small, square-shaped or arrow-shaped, wooden signs can announce your love, introduce the bride and groom, or point your guests toward the wedding and reception.

  1. Decorate with wreaths

flowers wedding

Dried or fresh flowers nestled in a straw and grapevine wreath are an elegant touch. Wreaths are very versatile – there are many different sizes, shapes and colours. They can also be used to spruce up the doors of your wedding venue, windows, the bride and groom’s chairs, surrounding the aisle for the ceremony, or even crowning the flower girl’s head.


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