Janna Restaurant and Resorts History

At Janna Restaurants and Resorts, we promote the concept of “a dream with a meal” to every patron. For example, Janna Beit Mery features a mixture of architectures from the fairy tale settings of Scheherezade’s 1001 Nights and Ali Baba, including an exotic lagoon and jungle. Janna Aley reflects a Taj Mahal concept with soaring copulas. Janna Bhamdoun highlights the Swiss Alps wood architectures and Janna-Sur-Mer Damour mirrors the water idylls found in Indonesia, Polynesia, and Bali.

At Janna Restaurants and Resorts, we are proud of our proven record of accomplishment.  In the past twenty-one years, we have built four major Restaurants and Resorts, each of which has shown great success. We are also proud of the fact that during the past twenty-one years we have had over 4.5 million guests, both locals and tourists.  It has become a popular tradition for expatriates and tourists visiting Lebanon to put Janna on their “must visit” list.

Janna Beit Mer was our first resort and it opened in 1996.  It houses several indoor and outdoor restaurants and serves local and international cuisine.  Keeping with the same theme-oriented concept, the company expanded its business in 2002 and launched two additional restaurants in Aley (300 seats) and Bhamdoun (1000 seats). The new additions also proved to be exceedingly profitable. In 2005, we opened “Janna-Sur-Mer” resort. We chose a prime location on the seashore of Damour.  “Janna-Sur-Mer” comprises two interconnected swimming pools, a children’s pool, Jacuzzis, bungalows, a boutique hotel and two restaurants, etc.… This project proved to be lucrative from its first year of operation.

In the last couple of years, we have been diligently working on the creation of a new resort idea that would remain true to our concept- “dream in nature”. We are getting ready to launch a beach resort and hotel, called Janna Berbara. The plan builds on our extensive experience with a variety of patrons in diverse locations. In conceptualizing our Resort, Janna‘s management top priority is to preserve nature. We want our customer to feel, to experience and to enjoy nature.

We plan to duplicate the successful business formula and the hands-on management teams we have employed at J R&R to help ensure outstanding results for Janna Barbara.

Our Resort will be quoted as “Lebanon’s best Resort”; this resort will have a gem of a boutique hotel and will be situated in Berbara. It is a place for customers to connect with nature, and to enjoy rich cuisine. Here, we will build 25 bungalows, which will be nested in area unspoiled by urban development. We will adopt an artful design, featuring a crisp, clean, cosy décor while integrating contemporary Zen characteristics.

In our Resort, we will serve, in addition to the international food, our authentic Lebanese and Mediterranean food. Our menu will be rich with Lebanese food.