Complete Wedding Package @ $12,750

Janna Sur Mer, secluded among lush exotic gardens, has become the ultimate Mediterranean destination for memorable weddings. The resort’s luxury is matched by stunning surroundings. Janna Sur Mer offers a combination of fantasy, romance, and relaxation in a graceful atmosphere where true quality is in the detail that delights and inspires.

At Janna Sur Mer Beach Resort and Hotel, we have 3 wedding venues to host your wedding. We can help you set your wedding ceremony in an outdoor fantasy Polynesian island or on the beach or in an outdoor exotic tropical garden. Each venue has its own merits and they differentiate and distinguish themselves with their location and capacity. I have listed the particulars of each venue here below.

To satisfy our demanding clients, Janna Sur Mer Beach Resort and Hotel offers 4 complete wedding packages to choose from: Island Wedding Venue Lebanese Seated Diner, Island Wedding Venue Premium Buffet, Exotic Wedding Venue Lebanese Seated Dinner and Sea-Front Lebanese Seated Dinner.

Janna Sur Mer offer you a bargain price on a full wedding package inclusive of all services is $12,750.

Wedding Services Provided by Janna

Lighting and Dance Floor
Island Venue: 9m.(w) x 9m. (l) x 6 m. (h) Bridge with 4 Moving led and 8 Moving beam and 10 Led par, City Color, 10 Led projector and a lighted gigantic dance floor.
Exotic Venue & The Sea front are equipped with state of the arts lighting equipment; 4 towers holding 8 moving led , 8 moving beams and 10 color led and a lighted dance floor.
A Welcoming Station

  • Sage Station
  • Tropical Station Bar
  • Peanut Station

Other Wedding Amenities

  • 20 multi-colored light fixtures
  • Mood Lighting: over 70 projectors lighting Janna Resorts
  • Decorative Chandeliers at the Entrance
  • DJ and Sound System: A specialized wedding DJ plays your favorite tunes using a professional sound system consisting of 15 (15” speakers) and 4 sub-woofer.
  • A team of Hostesses
  • Bride Entrance: Accentuated with fireworks (8 volcanoes), the bride makes her spectacular entrance from the pool.
  • Special Seating for the Bride and the Groom. (Coucha and Pergola)

Others Professional Wedding Services
We have sourced the best wedding service providers for the Price/Quality to work with and in turn we will pass those savings to you. The professional’s services are:

Photos and Videos
Floral arrangements
Fire works

We, at Janna, have solid and reputable experience (22 years) in planning outdoor Wedding Events. You can rest assured that we can provide you with magical and distinctive themes for your exotic Wedding ceremony that exceed your imagination. With Janna Sur Mer Beach Resort and Hotel, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your big day with your family and friends and keep the worrying to us.

Best wedding offers at Janna Damour
Best wedding offers at Janna Damour
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