Summer Vacation at Janna Sur Mer by

Summer is almost over, so pamper yourself for the last two weeks of summer at Janna Sur Mer exquisite pools and bars for a summer 2016 farewell.
Janna Sur Mer, your every summer getaway, will be closing its pools and venues on September 28 after yet another successful year which is subjected to continue and improve for years to come.
After its summer 2016 great success, Janna is planning on even delivering more to their beloved attendees, all we can do is wait anxiously till next summer!
Janna Sur Mer brought the best of entertainment, relaxation, romance and fairy tales all to its resort.
From Sunday Pool Parties which were a blast of fun, music, dance and letting go the daily routine stress of work and traffic, or lodging at the most spectacular bungalows ever, or dining under the stars, to fairy tale weddings where couples celebrated their alliances in an unforgettable atmosphere at Janna’s wedding venue.
Book your weddings NOW for the coming Spring or Summer 2017 at Janna Sur Mer, where your once and best in a lifetime date will be celebrated in a class, dreamy-like and replaceable wedding style leaving every newly-weds in amazement, but unfortunately weddings are made to happen once.
Janna Sur Mer would like to wish you a great year until its pools and venues open again in May 2017 to quick start next summer’s vacation with wild pool parties, weekly events, dreamy weddings and much more.

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