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Nayiri Kelendjian reviewed Janna Sur Mer. It is a 5 star tropical beach resort housing a Hotel & Wedding venue — 5 star  July 4 ·2016

No words can express my feelings towards this real paradise, it really is, the staff is wonderful, the view is wonderful, the place is wonderful, very comfortable, the music rocks, the bar is awesome, specially the new one, i enjoy being at Janna i can relax and then boom, i prefer to go with my hubby this is the place where we can feel ourselves outside Lebanon, whenever we need to travel and cant so the only place is Janna!!!! Perfect

 Thank you Mrs. Nayiri Kelendjian for you kind words

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Asma Muhiedden Kobeissi reviewed Janna Sur Mer is a 5 star tropical resort housing a Hotel & wedding venue — 5 star July 18 at 3:53pm
Amazing and wonderful place to relax, dance, and have a charming vacation. Hospitality will never be better than here..lovely stuff and great atmosphere..VIP section is where you have to stay for its mad music (however i recommend to lower the music volume a little bit )

Vanessa Abi Fadel, Friend at Facebook.com
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Janna was voted best Summer resort in Lebanon

Elissa Khoury , https://plus.google.com/u/1/b/114993022140873046293/+JannaresortsLb/about?gmbpt=true&hl=en

Amar reviewed Janna Resorts — 5 star June 23, 2016

 In Love with your Lebanese food… Janna Sur Mer is an amazing Beach Resort.
Amar, Customer
Best view from Janna Resorts' Bungalow
Tarek Assaf, Customer
Janna was voted best Summer resort in Lebanon

Haitham Zgheib reviewed Janna Resorts5 star June 23,2016

 Its a paradise !! loved the room service, it could not get any friendlier. the setting is amazing green fields and palm trees all over the place. the only resort I’ve been to that offers a private pool with the bungalow. amazing breakfast in bed! food quality was beyond expectations. Highly recommended, you won’t regret it.
Haitham Zgheib, facebook Friend
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Alaa Kobeissi reviewed Janna Resorts — 5 star July 18 at 3:02pm ·

Simply the best resort ever visited in Lebanon. I have been over many other resorts to find Janna the most attracting one. Hospitality is great, food is excellent, service can never be better than here.. Thanks to the kind waiters and stuff all over the place.


Alaa Kobeissi, Facebook Friend
Janna Sur Mer is a family beach club
Ahmad Baba, facebook.com Rating *****
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Najla KaidBey Hariz reviewed Janna Resorts5 star  August 4 at 8:24pm ·

 Best bungalows, wonderful and very fast room service. Paradise on earth. Will definitely revisit this place every year. Loved the private pools and VIP island❤️❤️


Najla KaidBey Hariz, Facebook.com Rating *****
One of the best if not the best beach resort in Lebanon. The pool is huge and split between part family-friendly and part over 18. Food and service are excellent with very reasonable prices. I have also tried the bungalows twice and was both times very satisfied.
Patrick Chkaiban, Rating *****
Happy Customer at Janna Sur Mer beach resort lebanon
Reve Khawand reviewed Janna Resorts5 star July 20 
No words needed! This is the best place i can spend week ends in it The staff is very friendly and the food taste is very good.

It’s a very comfortable place to visit. You can enjoy the sun without having anyone to disturb your relaxation.
Come and enjoy I really recommend this place.


Reve Khawand, Facebook.com Rating *****

At first I was very worried when I read some of the comments here. However, I just returned with my husband from an incredible weekend at Janna Sur Mer. The staff was very professional and helpful, service was great, the location is amazing and the bungalows are superb (we stayed at Sunset 2)! In the evening you hear some great music and the whole atmosphere is so relaxing. The music was not at all noisy so as to prevent you from a good night sleep once you close your bungalow door. I really recommend this to all lovebirds looking for a romantic and relaxing getaway for the weekend. Thank you Janna and we will surely be returning.


Tania Tayar Fahed reviewed Janna Resorts — 5 star, Rating ****
Jana is the best beach resort in lebanon

Nancy Sawaya reviewed Janna Resorts5 star June 17 ·2016

It’s a very comfortable place to visit.The waiters are friendly.You can enjoy the sun without having anyone to disturb your relaxation.


Nancy Sawaya , Facebook.com Rating ****

I just like my visit to Janna, it was amazing, wonderful, simply the best.


Dina Bassil reviewed Janna Resorts — 5 star, Rating ****